Are you ready to move beyond the traditional form of therapy of meeting once a week, sitting on the “couch,” venting your feelings, but often not seeing any significant changes in your life?

You’ve dealt with the guilt, the sadness, the worry, the fears, and the frustration for long enough. You deserve a better quality of life and a better way of doing therapy.

I’m excited to offer you a unique approach to therapy.

… So, how is therapy at NHT different?

  • Unique Focus – The main difference is the focus on each aspect of your lifestyle beyond the typical focus in therapy on relationships, thoughts, and feelings.

    At NHT, we will work together to fine tune each area of your life including diet, health conditions, sleep, spirituality, stress management, building consistent healthy habits, along with addressing your relationships, thoughts, and feelings.

    Here, we attempt to find the root cause of your problems and not just take a one-sided approach.

    Dietary suggestions and targeted nutrients are often part of your treatment plan due to the strong connection between food and mood.

    In addition, we will focus on unresolved emotional wounds through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to prepare you to launch into your healthiest version of you.

  • Unique Program Another unique aspect of NHT is that I offer a six-month program for women entitled the Habitually Empowered Program (HEP).

    This is a program where you can connect with other women with similar challenges to those you are experiencing.

    You alternate between individual sessions where you focus on your individual needs and group meetings to accelerate your overall progress by gaining additional resources and connections.

    You can learn more about the Habitually Empowered Program here.

  • Unique Office – In addition, NHT is unique in that the therapy office is a little different than most other therapists’ offices.

    We have our meetings at a table and chairs rather than the traditional couch and armchair you find in other therapists’ offices. After many years of working as a therapist, I found a lot of the work in therapy goes beyond talking and necessitates a workspace.

    Thus, I have found having a table and chairs provides a more comfortable “in your kitchen” type atmosphere that allows for deeper work to take place in the office.

    As we work together and learn more about one another, we will develop a collaborative relationship. You will feel you are in a safe, non-judgmental space where you are free to share anything that you would like.

Therapy Start to Finish

  • Decision-Making Phase: For many, life has become so overwhelming they feel they need help outside of themselves and their close friends or family.

    The guilt, the shame, the sleepless nights, the seemingly never-ending depression, anxiety, and frustration have often taken its toll, and most are ready to figure out a new way to deal with old problems.

    Most often women in this situation have come to the point they loathe themselves for continuously repeating the same self-sabotaging behaviors and feel their situation is impossible to improve.

    After this realization, the decision to begin a search for a therapist and/or outside help is initiated. Once the individual finally commits to a therapist, she develops a sense of hope that this person will help her with overcoming her struggles.

  • Orientation Phase: Once we’ve established that we are a good fit to work together, we then begin with a thorough health assessment in a 90-minute intake.

    We identify challenges and goals and strategize a plan to complete these goals. As a nutritionist and therapist, my approach includes looking at all areas of your life including stress management, diet, habits (compulsive overeating, binge drinking, etc.), relationships, spirituality, sleep patterns, etc.

  • Relationship Building and Self-Care Development Phase: Preferably, we will meet once a week to consistently work toward completing your goals and to remove any obstacles to your success.

    Each week you are given a take-home task to reinforce what we have discussed in our sessions. This could be anything from insuring you start your day with a healthy breakfast, breathing exercises, or to complete entries in a gratitude journal.

    The main objective is for you to develop a consistent self-care routine to enable you to handle stress more effectively.

  • Rewire Neural Networks – Upgrade Your Mental Software Phase: Once you have developed some consistency with your self-care routine, we move to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

    In short, this is a specialized type of therapy that focuses on reprogramming your negative belief systems/self-limiting beliefs that dominate your everyday life and choices into empowered belief systems. To learn more about this effective and well-researched modality, click here.

  • Achievement of Goals and Making Empowered Living a Lifestyle Phase: Once you have completed the EMDR process, you will most likely be prepared to begin terminating your services with me. People begin to notice differences such as improved mood, relationships, and satisfaction with life along with a more balanced and optimistic approach to life.
  • Maintenance Phase: Often after someone has completed therapy, they would still like to have occasional “tune ups” to manage various life stressors. This helps the person remain accountable and focused on continuing their new life habits and routines.
  • Therapy is a unique process for each individual and can be a relatively short process or can be quite lengthy depending on the severity of circumstances in a person’s history.

    As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you can expect to get out of it. So, while I cannot guarantee specific results, I can guarantee if you are motivated and actively participate in your treatment, you will see positive changes in your life.


My Mission

I am on a mission to help women embrace their true selves and to stop feeling a need to conform to the expectations of society.

I aim to provide women with the tools to effectively use their inner power and to no longer be shackled to the pain and suffering that suppresses us from living our lives to the fullest.

As a therapist, I can achieve my mission by working with women to identify the root cause of these self-limiting beliefs and supports women in healing from the past to transform their wounds into wisdom.

My Journey

I have had my own journey with body image and eating issues and am passionate about sharing with others to help them no longer be a prisoner of their life choices.

There were struggles, but my turning point came when I became fully aware of how I was punishing myself and my body with disempowering thoughts and actions.

I reached “rock bottom” and knew for change to happen I needed to start changing from within. I believe being empowered is not about having power over others, but about finding power within and using it to have a positive impact on yourself and others.

Because I have overcome many challenges and dark times in my life, I have a strong belief that with the right tools and connections, no problem is too great to be conquered. I have sought help and have benefited greatly from many healers to help me be my strongest and most confident self.

If you are ready and motivated to stop repeating patterns that lead to suffering and to start living a life that is energizing and empowering, click below for your FREE 30-minute Food Freedom Breakthrough session to learn how today to stop suffering and start living your healthiest life now.

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My Fun Side

When I am not working or refining my skills to have the greatest impact on my clients, I love to spend time with my husband, daughter, and standard poodle.

I enjoy going to the ocean, hiking/snowshoeing in the mountains, camping, or attending local festivals and fairs. I also enjoy reading about anything related to nutrition, health, or overall wellness, and historical fiction. Other hours are spent watching movies, meditating, doing yoga, and working up a good sweat.


Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling (Concentration Marriage and Family Therapy)
Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health (Concentration in Herbal Medicine)

Licenses/ Certifications
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist
Extensive Continuing Education in Trauma, Anxiety, and Addictions

I have worked in several types of settings, including a psychiatric hospital for adolescents, a non-profit counseling agency for abused foster children, a transition home for young adults transitioning from incarceration to the community, schools, and in private practice with all ages.

Since completing a yearlong internship to obtain a certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), I have been integrating nutrition consulting into my private practice to help with stabilizing mood challenges such as anxiety and depression and to help optimize overall wellness for my clients.

In addition, my love for nutrition was fostered in my time while working as an Assistant Manager at a health food store in Denver, CO, called Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers (now just called Natural Grocers). I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge while employed at the Vitamin Cottage through multiple in-store trainings.

This experience fueled my passion for learning more about food’s connection to our mood and eventually led me to pursue a master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. Being able to combine nutrition and therapy to have a greater impact on my clients’ lives is the greatest dream come true.