Individual Therapy / Nutrition Consultations

The Breaking Point…

If you are currently seeking a therapist, you most likely have been struggling with your challenges for some time.

Whether it is self-sabotaging behaviors like compulsive eating or drinking, unhealthy relationships, or you are just sick of being trapped in a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety, the fact you are reading this today states you are ready to stop suffering and start living the life of joy you are intended to live.

You might feel hopeless and doubtful that anything will work for you after making so many failed attempts in the past. You may think you are “permanently damaged” and beyond repair.

I’m here to tell you if you are breathing, you are worthy of living a balanced life filled with optimism and close connections. While I’m not saying it is an easy path, it is certainly a doable path that you can and will benefit from if you are ready to jump in and commit to making YOU a priority.

You’ve been carrying your guilt, shame, and sadness around for long enough. There is a better way and a better life for you.

A New Day and a New Way…

When you have made the important decision to end your suffering and to start actively seeking joy, NHT can help bring you closer to your health goals.

NHT takes an integrative approach to wellness. It utilizes both traditional therapeutic methods along with targeted nutrients and lifestyle strategies. This combination will provide you with a well-rounded treatment approach that can accelerate your results by addressing multiple causes of your challenges.

How I can help you…

First, we will confirm that we are a good fit to work together and my services are in line with what you are seeking.

Then, we will begin with a 90-minute intake which includes a thorough health history assessment and a review of your current symptoms. From there, we will strategize together on creating a realistic treatment plan to accomplish your goals.

In the beginning of treatment, it is usually best to meet weekly for 60 minutes. As we get to know one another, you will feel safer in going deeper into your current struggles. We will then be able to more readily identify the roots of what is causing distress in your life.

You will receive take-action tasks to complete in-between sessions. This is critical for the success of your treatment. These may include a variety of activities such as journaling, completing various meditations/guided imagery, incorporating certain movements, including certain foods or eliminating other foods, and/or taking nutrient supplements.

We will review each week how you benefited from the tasks and if you need to do anything to help make the task more effective or doable.

In sessions, we work toward achieving your goals by creating self-care plans, identifying and healing old wounds that may be contributing to your current difficulties, and utilizing dietary and lifestyle strategies that ease anxiety and other mood conditions.

Once you have participated in the stages of treatment and achieved your treatment goals, we begin creating a final treatment plan. At this point, we most likely will taper the frequency of sessions from one time a week to once every other week.

Eventually, we will meet once a month for a couple of months until we feel we have successfully completed your treatment.

The goal at this point is for you to feel prepared and empowered to live a life filled with choices that serve you and bring joy into your world.

Clients often prefer to return occasionally for “tune-ups” to insure they stay on track. This is a personal preference and totally up to each individual if they would like to remain in contact post accomplishment of treatment goals.

Choose YOU!

If you are ready to dive in and become your healthiest and happiest version of you, complete the contact form below to set up your free 30-minute Food Freedom Breakthrough Session.