I work predominately with women who want to free themselves of restrictive and rigid lives ridden with guilt, shame, and self-hatred and who want to start living lives of peace, courage, confidence, and freedom. I do work with men as well, but most of my clients are women.

Eating Challenges/Body Image

Compulsive Eating/Stress Eating/Binge Eating

We live in a diet-crazed, food-obsessed world, while at the same time we are consumed with being slender.

Combine that with a multitude of other factors, and you see an epidemic of obesity and unhealthy relationships with food.

If you find yourself using the scale to determine your self-worth, we can work together to find ways to feed your “hunger” without harming your health. We will focus on discovering hidden causes to your compulsion to overeat and create a practical treatment plan for you to revolutionize your relationship with food.


With over 40 million Americans being affected by anxiety, it is no wonder there are so many advertisements for medications to relieve anxiety.

Many people can find relief with basic lifestyle changes and improvements to their diets without having to rely on medications that often lead to harmful side effects.

I specialize in helping people find the inner peace they have been looking for with the use of natural solutions, including both targeted nutrients and self-care routines.

Trauma-Based Addictions

When a person is stripped of her self-worth as a child from the people she is supposed to trust, this can lead to a life of seeking acceptance and fulfillment in unhealthy ways. If you are someone who has turned to food, alcohol, drugs, or any other form of self-inflicted abuse for comfort and solace, you don’t need to blame yourself. You’ve been misinformed of your value, and you’ve never learned how to develop inner acceptance and self-love.

Whatever your vice may be, if you were mistreated, devalued, and abused as a child or if you’ve encountered a traumatic experience in your life that has led to self-sabotaging behaviors, you can end this vicious cycle.

Together, we will find a path to increasing your self-acceptance, to creating a self-care routine to meet your needs, and to healing from your past wounds so you can break away and live a life of hope and freedom.

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