Women’s Habitually Empowered
Group Program (HEP)

What is the Habitually Empowered Program (HEP)?

HEP is a program designed specifically for women to have a safe haven to learn how to stop relying on self-harming habits and to lean into the support of other women to transform into the healthiest versions of themselves.

More specifically, HEP is for any woman who:

  • is ready to stop relying on self-destructive behaviors and start making empowered choices
  • is tired of being controlled by worry and anxiety
  • may be experiencing an unusually high level of stress (divorce, work, caregiving for an ill family member, etc.)
  • wants to be a part of a community of women who are ready to connect and heal together

HEP is:

  • For women to have a safe place to grow and connect with other women who have similar struggles
  • For women to gain more skills to manage the stress and chaos of everyday living
  • For women to learn to unconditionally love themselves regardless of any perceived flaws or outside criticism
  • To empower women to feel safe asserting their needs and using their voice to stand up for what they believe in

What does HEP Include?

HEP is a 6-month program where women receive:

  • (2) 60-minute individual sessions a month
  • (1) 90-minute in-person group a month – Group meetings are intended to be educational and to provide extensive support
  • (1) 30-minute video conference call a month to check in and stay accountable with the group
  • Membership in a private Facebook group where the group is given challenges to help reinforce the learning from the group and to build stronger connections with the other members to support one another
  • Access to weekly menus for meal planning
  • A HEP manual with relevant handouts, activities, and resources
  • A gratitude journal to use throughout the program
  • Group social activities (optional events such as charity functions, fun walks, pot lucks, etc.), encouraged to strengthen connections amongst members

By investing in HEP, you are empowering yourself with:

  • Improved understanding of your triggers that lead to unskilled behaviors/unloving habits and the tools to manage these triggers.
  • A self-care plan to nourish you from within that will allow you to be in charge of stress rather than stress taking charge of you.
  • Connection with a community of women who can relate to your pain and can support you through your healing process.
  • Therapeutic interventions to heal your old wounds and transform these wounds into awareness so you can move toward growth and wholehearted living.
  • Self-compassion to allow you to thrive and move beyond perfectionism and disempowered living.
  • Confidence and courage to use your inner power to break free from self-limiting beliefs and to assert your rights as a valuable human being in our world.

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